Rice with Moong Daal - Khichdi

  • Rice - 1 cup
  • Moong dal – 1/2 cup – washed and soaked
  • Masoor dal – 1/2 cup – washed and soaked
  • Potato – Medium sized pieces (fry a little)
  • Cauliflower – Medium sized pieces (fry until soft)
  • Carrots – Big pieces (fry a little)
  • Green peas
  • Spices – Tejpatta, Cloves (2), Black Cardamom, Dalcheeni, Garam Masala powder, Green Chilies (2 and slit), Zeera, Haldi, Salt, and Sugar
  • Ghee – 1 tbspoon


Fry the vegetables and keep it aside.

Lower heat and in the same oil add tejpatta, cardamom, cloves, a small piece of dalcheeni, and zeera.

When you get the aroma, add the soaked moong dal. Fry a little and then add the soaked masoor dal and rice. Mix well.

Now, add 4 cups of water, the fried vegetables (except cauliflower), green peas, haldi, garam masala powder, salt, and a little sugar.

Pressure cook allowing one whistle. Open pressure cooker after 15 minutes. Now, add the fried cauliflower, slit green chilies, and ghee.Mix it a bit.

Your Khichdi is ready!

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