Butter Chicken

  • Chicken 1 kg

For Marinade
  • Yogurt 100 gms.
  • Ginger Paste 100gms.
  • Garlic Paste 50 gms.
  • Lime Juice 1 medium sized
  • Salt to taste
  • Red Chilly Powder to taste

Other Ingredients

  • Butter 300 gms. + 50 gms.
  • Onion 500 gms.
  • Tomatoes 300 gms.
  • Ginger Paste 25 gms.
  • Garlic Paste 25 gms.
  • Cashew Nuts 25 gms.
  • Tomato Sauce 50 gms.
  • Kasuri Methi 10 gms.

To the chicken pieces, add the lime juice, garlic paste, curds,salt and red chilli powder to your taste. Take the ginger paste in a thin cloth like handkerchief and squeeze out the juice into the
chicken. Mix well and leave it for 1 hour.

Finely chop the onions. Tomatoes should be nice and fully ripe. Boil and remove the skin and make a fine puree.Make a fine paste of cashew nuts.Half-fry the marinated chicken, using 300 gms of butter. Keep the remaining marinates and butter aside.Use the butter to fry the chopped onions to very light creamy color.Add the ginger and garlic pastes and fry well.Add the leftover marinates followed by tomato puree.Add required quantity of water.Add the cashew nut paste and again adjust the consistency of the gravy with water.Add tomato sauce. Cook on a low flame till oil seperates.Add kasuri methi and the 50 gms of butter, mix, switch off the stove and close the lid.Serve garnishing with grated cheese/paneer and coriander leaves.

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