For soaking:
4 cups raw rice (long grain – Cheap quality Pakistani Basmati Rice)
4 Tablespoons urad dal (ulunthu)
1-teaspoon methi (vendhayam) To grind with 1 cup scraped coconut - fresh
1 cup cooked rice
2 teaspoons salt

For the Yeast Mixture:
1 tspn Yeast Granules
1 tspn Sugar
¼ cup like warm water

To make the Yeast Mixture:
Sprinkle Yeast granules & Sugar on to lukewarm water mix well & leave to stand for 15-20 mins. in a warm place until frothy - (if the mixture does not froth – that means the Yeast you have used is too old; you will need to use a new packet of yeast)

For Coconut milk
3 cups scraped coconut
3 count elachi (elaikaay)
6 Tablespoons sugar

To make the Coconut Milk
Before making Appams, take the milk from the coconut (including elachi), by grinding with warm water and by squeezing it. Grind the squeezed coconut again with some warm water and squeeze it – to make 3 to 4 cups of coconut milk. Filter the milk and mix the sugar.

Soak the Rice in water for 4-6 hrs (soaking overnight is better) rinse well.Soak the dal and methi together – for 4-6 hrs. Rinse well.Grind the dal, & methi first until soft & fluffy - by using cold water, now add the soaked rice, cooked rice, & shredded coconut grind nicely to a smooth batter add salt, & the Yeast mixture - mix well & leave to ferment for 8 hours or so.

If you are using fresh Coconut do not throw away the coconut water, instead add 1 tspn of Sugar to the coconut water mix well & keep over night- use it by adding it to the batter the next morning or when making appams.

Heat the Aappam Chatti (wok) or a kadai.Make the fermented batter watery by adding the coconut/sugar water to it.When the pan is hot enough, take a ladleful of the batter pour into the wok, & swirl it around twice in a clock or antilock wise motion, place the wok on to the stove, cover the wok & leave to cook for a min. or two - (You will notice the formation of the crust (a thin frilly layer) around the sides of the wok, & more batter in the center. Take out the appam & follow the same procedure to make more aapams.Serve it with coconut milk/Stew or egg curry.

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